Professional Solutions

We offer you a comprehensive package of solutions for your HPHT applications ranging from modifications to existing installations, automation, cell assemblies and custom build units.

With more than 10 years of experience in HPHT engineering and development we are capable of engineering and producing custom build units that can be used directly on your existing line. Choices in units from 300 mm spheres up to 600 mm spheres and toroidial devices.
Delivering on MN, or a complete package based on customer specifications.

18/11 Kawai cell

Company Profile

Our core business is supporting customers in the HPHT world. With advice in the field of software, adaptations to existing designs and completely new engineered units.

We are headquartered in the Netherlands and are widely applicable to your installations and challenges.
We provide solutions on:

Cell assemblies                                        Custom made parts

Customer service

In order to provide our customers world wide with the best possible support an email from your side will suffice. After receipt we will contact you.

You can reach us 24/7 at the email address mentioned below for all your questions.


SRM Ultra Engineering

We are specialized in building multi anvil devices. We can offer our clients a 300mm set up [31MN] and also a 600mm set up [120MN] . It is also possible to choose the internals that are best suited for your application.

We have extensive experience with high grade tungsten carbide machined within very tight tolerances.

8-6 Kawai set up max 25GPa

6-8 set up with truncated pyramids max 9.2GPa

SRM-Ultra offers our clients also a toroidial device through one of our affiliates.

SRM Ultra Research and development

With several decades of experience in structural engineering, mechanical engineering in proces industry, petro tech, mining and sintering super abbrasives, SRM-Ultra and it's affiliates developed high affinity with the development of heavy machinery and it's controls.
Our development is based on engineering and testing.
This is an ongoing process in which we analyse the results and perform simulations. We also perform automated and manual endurance tests on prototypes. Our engineering department uses the latest versions of "3D RHINO" and "Scan and Solve" . In addition, the results and calculations are checked with an independent external engineering office.

FEM analysis

We only work with notified bodies for example TüV, Lloyds and Veritas.

Implementing SRM Ultra in your business:

SRM Ultra is highly committed to safety, which is observed with great care in all our projects. We work according to the specific procedures that help us to ensure safe installation and commissioning of a unit.

For example, a test and inspection plan (TIP) will be the guideline for our installation and commissioning. Needless to say, this TIP will be put together with the requirements of the customer.

Independent, reliable, flexible and professional, we as SRM Ultra can be immediately deployed for all your wishes and challenges.

SRM Ultra latest jobs:

  • Provided consultancy on hydraulic controls with a set flow and a proportional valve for IRR Synthesis.
  • Engineered a high speed true rms current measurement system with millisecond looptimes for Pre Inspect.
  • Developed novel high strength membrane material for BARS equipment, improving on force transmission and reliability for SRM-Ultra with Coremans and Polartech.
  • Provided consultancy on temperature measurement errors in a cooling system due to accuracy and offset problems for Pre Inspect.
  • Engineered a conceptual high speed analog true rms Wattmeter for SRM-Ultra.
  • Provided consultancy on the aquisition of large HPHT equipment for annealing purposes for Heyaru engineering.
  • Provided FEM analysis on a toroidial device for one our affiliate customers and improved on the design.
  • Currently we are working on a annealing set up with the goal of reducing weight and providing greater flexibility in order to handle large specimens at 8.8GPa.

SRM Ultra